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Talking sustainable fashion with Nienke and Marguerite from Wish To Be Wild

 "My mother always told me that fashion is not what is in trend but what looks good on you. I had a hard time believing this when I was young and desperately wanted babyspice platform shoes but my mother wouldn’t let me have them. But nowadays I see what she meant, and I couldn’t agree more. When you found your own style and you know what looks good on you it’s easier to minimize and avoid hopping from one fashion trend to the other. I think we don’t need as much clothing as we sometimes think we do. For me a perfect closet is one that has beautiful essentials in it, made of natural and sustainable fabrics that last a lifetime." 

This September, I sat down with Nienke van Hofslot & Marguerite Caycedo from Wish To Be Wild to talk about alternatives to the fast fashion industry, sourcing natural fabrics, and having fun along the way. 

Wish To Be Wild is dedicated to exploring ideas with a positive impact on our world. You can read the full article on Wish to Be Wild #VintageQueen.